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Benson ([personal profile] connedviakeyboard) wrote2012-01-01 01:56 am

2nd Gumball - Phone/Action

[Phone, shortly after the message]

Okay, what was that? I mean, I'm not unused to crazy crap happening or all that often, but when we're getting to possessed radio messages after the happy idiot killfest that was Christmas, things are getting a little too nuts. Like, does it do that that often, because I want to know if I just need to go ahead and smash the damn radio by now.

[Action - 507 Ricardo Street]

[If you're passing by Ricardo Street today, you'll see a rather surly man enjoying what had been his Christmas present: there's a large case of sodas beside him, the cans proudly declaring their a special commemorative soda from the 1984 Olympics.

He drinks a can while sitting on the front step of his house, throws the empty can at one of the drone cats from his seat, and takes another one.

He might as well enjoy them, now that he finally can.]
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Yeah, I'm sure the horror movie gimmick's gonna get old pretty soon.